America’s Tobacco Campus: Campus to Expand to 10% of Its Population

Campus leaders are eyeing a move to expand their operations at the Tobacco Campus to 10 percent of its population, the second phase of the Tobacco Credentialing Center’s expansion.

The project will allow more than 400 new employees and staff to operate the tobacco campus, said John H. Kelly, the project’s general manager.

The expansion project, which was completed last summer, will include a new campus meeting room, conference center, office space, cafeteria and other facilities, Kelly said.

It will also provide new facilities for the Tobacco Institute of Management and the Tobacco and Alcohol Institute of Minnesota.

Kelly said that the site will be up and running in late 2018.

The Tobacco Credo Center is the nation’s largest tobacco campus and one of the largest tobacco industry centers in the world.

The Tobacco Curde Center has more than 500 employees and 15 centers in nine states, including Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and California. has more information.