How to set up your facebook campus credit union account

Facebook Campus Credit Union has recently introduced a new feature that allows members to easily set up their credit union and account.

This feature, which is now live on all Facebook Credit Union accounts, lets members pay bills and set up online payments through the platform, all without having to log in to their accounts. 

As of March 1st, members of the Facebook Campus credit union can now create an account, create a checking or savings account, or set up an online payment using the site.

Facebook Campus also offers credit card and debit card services, as well as mobile banking.

This new feature makes it easier for members to pay bills, pay online, and set-up online payments with their credit card.

The new feature is available on all members of Facebook Credit Unions accounts that have more than $25,000 in balances.

The feature also applies to accounts with $50,000 or more in balances, according to Facebook. 

“This new feature allows members of our credit union to easily pay bills on their own time and without logging into their Facebook accounts,” said David E. Lehr, VP, Business Development at Facebook Credit United.

“We’ve always been committed to helping our members make money on their accounts and this new feature helps us better meet our goals.” 

Members of the social media company also announced plans to expand their mobile banking offerings, including adding online banking to their mobile apps.

This will be a big addition for members of their mobile banks who are using the new feature. 

In addition to the new credit union feature, members also got a few new features in March.

Facebook has added the ability to add a credit card to your account. 

Members will also be able to set payments via the platform with a mobile phone.

Facebook is also introducing a new credit card payment option that allows a member to set an automatic credit card payments fee on purchases made with a debit card. 

This feature is only available for members with a credit union balance of $50 or more. 

Facebook is also now allowing members to create their own credit cards. 

The company says that these new features will help to further build a more secure and secure Facebook Credit Uptime. 

All members of a Facebook CreditUptime account can use this new credit agreement feature to set a minimum monthly fee that can be waived for the purposes of payment and fees.

Facebook has also added a new mobile app to its mobile banking services.

This app is available for free for new members of each of its credit unions. 

Mobile banking offers are available on the Facebook website, and members can set up payments using the app.

For more information on the new features, check out the following links: Facebook Credit Union – Facebook Campus CreditU, Facebook CreditUnion – https://www, Payments, Credit Card, and Mobile Banking – Facebook –  www,  (Disclaimer: this post is solely written by Mark Zuckerberg and is not endorsed by the Facebook family of companies.)