How to tell if a UT student is on meds

An upcoming medical exam at the University of Texas South Campus may be a little confusing.

A UT official said the exam is being conducted in a manner that will allow for the “precision and reliability” of the results.

The exam will be conducted at the South Campus on Feb. 26, according to the university.

UT officials said the exams will be performed in a “careful, safe and efficient manner.”

The exam is scheduled to last from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., and will be available for viewing at the North Campus.

It will also be available in person on campus.

“Students are being asked to check in at the exam center at the south campus and to ensure they are able to complete the exam, which will take approximately four to five hours,” said UT spokesperson Brooke Sowden.

“We encourage all UT students to follow all instructions from the university’s exam coordinator, who will direct students to the exam location.”

The first exam will require students to take a medical history, a physical exam and a blood test, according a UT official.

Students who fail the exam will receive a letter that says “due to health concerns, the exam has been canceled.”

UT students are not required to take the exam or the other exams at the campus, which is located in downtown Austin.

Sowens office did not say when the exam would be re-scheduled.

“The next exam will take place on Feb., 26 at 11:00,” Sowensen said.

“In the meantime, the campus is open for UT students and their families.”

UT said that the South campus is a “highly secure environment.”

The South campus and its surrounding areas are currently open to the public, according the university, but will be closed on March 1.

UT also said that it has been informed that it will not be able to host the exam for a few more days.

It is also not known if the exam was rescheduled for the day or if it will be reschedulated.

Students at UT South Campus are expected to report to their medical offices to take their exams on Feb 26.

UT will hold an emergency meeting for students on March 3.

The first of three scheduled UT campus exams will not take place until April 3, according Sowds office.

For more information, visit the Southcampus website.