How to access the new CTA campus in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area

By John L. BurszkaThe latest tech news and the latest tech trends to know in the CTA communityPosted November 11, 2018 10:57AMCitiCares is expanding its network of community-based care centers, offering free transportation and services for low-income seniors and disabled adults to help them make the transition from nursing homes to the workforce.

The nonprofit’s $3.2 billion plan to expand its network comes as the city prepares to begin its transition from a private system of nursing homes and assisted living facilities to a publicly subsidized one.

CitiCards will begin rolling out on Monday, the first of its kind to be rolled out nationally.

The new service will help CitiCs clients navigate CTA service delivery options and meet their eligibility requirements, according to a release.

CitiCare’s service is available in both public and private options.

It is expected to serve the Dallas area for the first time in 2021.

The service will include free transportation to the nearest CitiCare center and the opportunity to get a CitiCard to use for Citi Card-like access to CTA bus services.

The CitiCenter and CitiHome program, launched in 2010, provides free transportation for low income seniors and adults who are on a low income.

The service has been offered since 2005.

The program is currently available in 13 counties in the metro Dallas area.