How to use an iPad to make college life easier

Jeff Cooke, a student at San Diego State University, is a fan of the tablet, and a big believer in its potential as a tool for college students.

He has been using his tablet to record video of his classes.

But Cooke, who lives in the San Diego area, says he also uses the tablet to take notes, and it’s also a way to document the work he’s done during his four-year college career.

“I feel like I’m getting the most out of my time here with the tablet,” Cooke said.

“I’m actually doing more of what I’m supposed to do, which is recording videos and making notes.”

The tablet Cooke uses to take video of class materials has been around for a while, but Cooke and other students have been using it for different purposes.

Students at the San Francisco State University College of Design are using it to record videos of their classes in order to show students how they’re using the tablet.

But students at the University of Texas at Austin are using the iPad as a way for them to share notes with their peers.

The tablet can be used to take photos, make a video recording and even make a call to someone in class.

Cooke is the only student at the college who uses the iPad for that purpose.

“It’s an amazing tool, but it’s one of the most important tools we have,” Cooke told Axios.

“It really helps with my research.”

Cooke has been recording videos on his iPad since he was in college, and he has been able to see the results of his work in a variety of ways.

In one video he’s shown, he’s recorded the same video over and over, and his students have made notes on the video to show him how he’s working.

Cooke said the video is “so beautiful” that it inspires him to continue his research.

Cooke’s interest in learning about how technology is used for education started when he started his own startup, the San Dieguito County School District.

Cooke wanted to learn more about how tech was being used in classrooms, so he decided to use the iPad to take videos of his classroom.

He said he decided on his course of study because of the way technology is being used, and also because he wanted to take a deeper look into how technology was being developed.

“As an educator, I want to see a more collaborative learning environment, and I wanted to do more of that,” Cooke explained.

“So the idea for this course came from the classroom, and the classroom is a really powerful tool.”

The course, which Cooke has taken, has become something of a classroom staple.

He’s also been using the device to take digital videos of the school’s classrooms and to share them with his classmates.

Cooke says that when he gets into a class, he takes a photo of his notes and tags it with the students’ names.

He also has an app where he can record the students and show them how he has used the tablet during the class.

“That’s really great, because I can show my students how I’ve been using my iPad, and then they can help me,” Cooke noted.

But he said he’s also really enjoying the fact that he’s getting feedback from his students.””

Cooke said that he also likes to take the tablet with him on trips to places like San Diego, so that he can get a feel for the app and the features that it provides.

But he said he’s also really enjoying the fact that he’s getting feedback from his students.”

When I’m in class I really appreciate the feedback from my students, and that’s what makes it so fun for me,” he said.