When will you be able to move in?

By the time this season starts, the first step will be to put the finishing touches on the property and move into the home of the Roma legend.

There are several possibilities that have been mooted already.

One possibility is the relocation of the club to the southern suburbs of Rome, where they have their home for the past four years.

The new stadium has been designed to house around 1,000 spectators, but the exact location of the stadium is still under debate.

Another option is to move the club from the north of Italy to the south, where the fans would be more concentrated and close to the city centre.

A third option is that they could move to the centre of Rome and stay in the same home as Roma, but that could take several years.

A fourth option is a return to the north-eastern town of Genoa, which is one of the largest city centres in Italy and is close to Rome.

This could be possible if the new stadium is built with the right facilities and infrastructure.

Finally, the club could move their stadium to a new location.

Some of the other possible relocation locations include Turin, Marseille, Lecce, Milan and Venice.

Roma are already planning to move to Turin.