Adidas, Nike to launch campus and athletic shoe lines in 2018

CVS, Rite Aid, Target and many others will begin offering campus and sporting shoe options for consumers at some of their locations this year.

A pair of Nike Zoom Vapor 350 sneakers will be available for purchase at Target locations this fall.

Adidas will offer a pair of the company’s Ultra Boosts for sale at some retail locations this spring.

Target is planning to begin offering indoor and outdoor running shoes at its U.S. locations this summer.

And Target will begin selling an athletic shoe line called the Ultra Boost, with three colors and a price point.

The line, which will be stocked at stores like Whole Foods, will start selling shoes this summer at $140 a pair.

The Adidas Ultra Boost will feature a midsole that is lighter than its Nike Zoom counterpart.

The shoes will be sold at a suggested retail price of $185.

Target said the UltraBoost sneakers will offer “enhanced traction, support and comfort” compared to its Zoom sneakers.

The sneaker will be launched at Target’s locations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Nike will begin retailing its ULTRA Boost shoes this fall at a price of just under $200.

Adidas has been on a roll lately, with more than 300 different sports shoe lines now available.

Adidas, which is currently the No. 3 shoe brand behind Nike, has been aggressively expanding its athletic shoe lineup this year, as the company continues to ramp up its athletic footwear business in the U.K., Australia and Brazil.