How to make your own beer without an oven or a brewer’s recipe

Posted March 08, 2018 12:14:59 A lot of people have heard about a new beer that promises to be the perfect drink at a party, but the only thing they’re really talking about is making their own beer.

A group of engineers have come up with a way to make their own craft beer, but that’s a lot of work. 

The project, which the engineers called the Altoona Campus Beer, is made with all the necessary ingredients, including an oven, a brewer, and a couple of beer bags. 

It’s an interesting project for a number of reasons.

First, it’s a completely new way to create beer at home. 

The team behind the project are not a bunch of beer geeks, and this is an effort to give people who are interested in beer a way into the beer making process, even if they aren’t very technical.

They’re also hoping to make the beer available to the general public. 

“I think the people who want to learn about beer are the ones who have never tried brewing before, but also those who have been brewing before,” said Alvaro Ponce, one of the founders of the project. 

Ponce told me that the beer is a mash-up of two styles of beers, the Pilsner and the Pale Ale.

The Pale Ale is a style that uses hops to give a bitter taste to the beer, and the Pilestar is a Belgian style beer made with roasted malts and dried fruit. 

He added that he and his co-founders are looking for anyone who wants to learn more about brewing, and that the students are interested because they want to do something cool with their college education. 

One of the things the students want to make is a brew house, which is something they’re looking for a way of doing.

“We want to use the space for people who have a passion for brewing,” said Ponce. 

A lot has been made of the idea of building an oven. 

While the project may not seem as cool as the idea to create your own brewery from scratch, it sounds really good.

The beer is supposed to be ready to go in about three weeks, and it’s already been received well by those who try it.

“We wanted to build something that could be done for a reasonable cost, so that you could actually have a brewery that’s more affordable for those people who don’t want to go into the traditional brewing,” Ponce said. 

So far, there are no plans for a commercial brewery.

The project is funded by the Department of Defense, but Ponce and his team say they have a couple other ideas. 

They’re looking at ways to get the beer into bars and restaurants, where it could become an important part of the beer culture. 

This project has inspired other students to work on their own projects. 

Samantha Schumacher of the University of Oregon is the co-founder of the program called the Alumni Brewing Project, which uses the space of the alma mater to help young students find jobs in the brewing industry. 

She said that her program helps people get jobs in industry by teaching them the basics of brewing, but it also helps students get the experience that they need to get a job. 

Schumacher said that she is really excited about the idea that she and her students are working on. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to brew, you can check out this video about Alvaros project: