How to Create a Campus Recruitment Experience in UA

Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have created a campus recruiting experience that’s more than just an online dating website: they’ve created a real, living, breathing campus.

The UA Recruit website, launched on Monday, allows users to browse the university’s campus, including the campus bookstore, cafeterias, dining halls, library, athletic facilities, and other buildings.

It even has a “live campus” tab.

The site, which launched with a modest $150,000 budget, quickly became the site of criticism from the university, which initially said it would be unable to maintain the site in its current form for a while due to the limited bandwidth available.

UA Vice Chancellor for External Affairs and Communications Lisa Kline has since clarified that the website is still “not fully operational” and that “we’re working to ensure that it will remain in a more robust state as the academic year progresses.”

The website is not the only thing that UA has made available on campus to attract students.

The school also launched its first student app, the UA Student app, last month, which allows students to access student services and activities through their smartphone.

The app is free and allows students the ability to add friends, send messages, and access other features.

The students have not only created a social media presence for UA, but they’ve also created an entire online dating site to attract new students.

That dating app, UA Recruiter, is available for free, but users can also add an additional cost of $1,500 per year to their first year to add a new profile to the app.

According to UA Recruits website, “the cost for new users will include the cost of hosting, hosting fees, and hosting charges associated with using the UA Recraiter app, including server and domain costs.”