Which campuses are using cookies?

Next BigFuture, a technology startup, wants to be the first to create a digital “campus cookie” that can track students and professors across a campus and share them with third parties.

The startup is partnering with university websites and third-party analytics companies to help students find information on what courses they can take and where they can go, the Verge reported Thursday.

The startup, which is based in New York, says it is currently testing its cookies on some 200 universities and colleges across the country.

It has raised more than $7 million from investors including the venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, according to the Verge.

The company says it has been able to successfully track students across campuses with its cookie, which it says will be updated as it develops more features.

“Our mission is to make the data you need, when you need it, more accessible, and more personalized,” Next Big Futures CEO Jeremy Perthes told the Verge in an interview.

The firm has raised $7.2 million in funding from a number of investors including Google Ventures, Sequoias Capital, and Fidelity Investments.

It’s unclear how far the cookies will be able to go.

Google, which also owns Google+, Facebook, and Instagram, has long tried to improve the way it collects information about its users.

Last month, the company said it would begin using cookies to help advertisers understand the behavior of its users and make better decisions about how to target ads.

It also said it will work to improve privacy for its users by removing data collection that might be unlawful.

But, privacy advocates worry that cookies are not the only tool the company is using to track users across campuses.

Google has also been working on a feature called Location Sense, which will give users a visual map of their location based on data collected by other Google products, including Maps.