How to Fix the Ugly News Cycle at Northwestern University

By now, you’ve probably seen the viral video that showed students at Northwestern being verbally abused by a faculty member and a former professor at the university.

And you’ve likely also seen the outrage and disbelief that followed the video’s release.

What most people didn’t know is that the incident in question occurred more than two years ago.

The Daily Northwestern published a story that detailed the incident that led to the students being verbally harassed and assaulted.

Now, some have suggested that the Northwestern campus could have done more to prevent the harassment.

But as we discussed in our interview with Northwestern’s interim president, the university’s campus police have not investigated any reports of harassment at Northwestern and there’s no evidence that the university is on the brink of a crisis, according to the Daily Northwestern’s report.

While we’re aware that there are concerns about Northwestern’s handling of this incident, our campus police are not investigating any reports about misconduct by Northwestern’s campus, Northwestern spokesman Brian Phelan told us in an email.

Phelan also said that the school has taken a proactive approach to prevent this type of behavior.

As a result, the Northwestern University Police Department is reviewing its policies and procedures, he said.

“We have taken the proactive step of reviewing all incidents and will take action if required,” Phelans said.