‘Kokuyō University notebook’ inspired by ‘Hikaru no Go’ –

By The Associated Press AP AP KOKUYO — A Japanese notebook inspired by the popular Japanese manga of the same name has been created.

The kokushō is a school notebook with a black-and-white cover that shows a boy playing a game.

It has a yellow pen, and is a gift from a Japanese university.

It is a replica of the one that the manga depicts.

The notebook is a collaboration between koku-bakutai University, a government-run university in Osaka, and Takayuki Kato, a high school teacher.

Kato said the notebook has been inspired by a story from the manga.

“There’s a story in which the boy who wins the game, Hikaru no go, is a boy who loves to read,” Kato said.

He said it has been a challenge to create a copy that looks like the manga’s.

The school notebooks come with a booklet with illustrations by manga creator Hideaki Anno.

The notebook has the same size as the manga and has a different font.

Anno also created the story of the kokuho.

Students in Japan are required to take a course on the story.

Hikari no Go was published in Japan in 1995 and has sold more than 80 million copies. ——