When Universities Must Take a Leap in Diversity and Inclusion

When universities take on the daunting task of making room for all their students, it’s critical to understand that their students are the ones who will be affected.

When the students themselves feel marginalized and disempowered, the university becomes complicit.

A university is not a safe space for anyone.

It is not the place where a student’s identity is protected, let alone their right to be heard.

A school is not an equal opportunity employer.

It has become a place where those who feel marginalized are expected to conform to a narrow set of ideas.

When students feel marginalized, it is their responsibility to stand up for them.

Universities should not be a place for the students who feel marginalised to feel unwelcome and excluded.

They are not the problem.

It’s the institutions that need to change.

It isn’t enough for the institution to provide an environment in which they feel comfortable and valued.

They must make it a place in which the students feel safe and valued as well.

To do that, universities need to begin by making it a reality for all students, no matter who they are.

Universities must be places where they are not a target.

They should provide a safe, inclusive environment in the midst of campus politics.

That means not only taking action against the political and ideological elements that drive the university culture, but also taking action to ensure that they can continue to thrive and flourish.