UW’s ‘Infinite Campus’ pvUSD is set to take on a whole new world as the school’s new campus expands

The University of Washington is expanding its campus by more than 2,000 acres, to the tune of nearly 5,000 buildings, and its new campus, Infinite Campus, will be bigger than ever.

The UW announced the new campus on Thursday, saying it was the largest campus expansion in the state.

It will include about 2,600 acres of land on campus, according to a press release.

The new campus will include approximately 5,500 buildings, according the release.

Its also an increase of about 500 acres compared to the UW’s current campus of 2,400 acres, the release said.

It also has a new administration and faculty, including more than 30 students and 30 faculty.

The campus also has more than 3,000 apartments.

The release also said that the UW is adding about 8,000 square feet of retail space.

It added the new land will add more than $1 million to the University of Wisconsin’s general fund.

It also is expanding the University’s library, adding an additional 800 books, including many books from the “infinite college” section of the UW Catalog.