How you can save money on your university accommodation

Universities are full of perks, from the ability to rent out your entire campus for just £3 a night, to free access to their online courses, and even the chance to earn a certificate from the prestigious College of Computing.

But how much do you really need to spend?

Here are five ways to save on your accommodation.


Student accommodation is cheap and easy to find Find cheap student accommodation online.

Check out these cheap student hostels and student accommodation websites.


Get your own laptop If you’re looking to book your own computer, there are some great sites that will show you how to get one.


Book your own accommodation If you’ve booked your own room, the options are limitless.

You can book it with a student accommodation company or pay for a student room at the same time you book.


Use the internet and the internet is cheaper If you can use the internet on your own, you’ll save even more money.

Read more about how to save money online.


Use your laptop for free if you want to save some cash Find out how to buy a laptop for a fraction of the cost of a student laptop.