How to make a school that’s worth watching

When you think of a college, the first image you might think of is a university campus.

There are a lot of things to see and do at these buildings, and there’s always something interesting to see.

There’s also a lot going on at these facilities that you might not see at other universities.

So what if you could add a campus eye group to your list of things you could do while at school?

We asked students what they would like to see at their next university and found a range of different things to do in their own homes.

Here are some of our favourite ideas: • Explore the history of a city with an open-air museum, and learn about the lives of the people who made it famous.

• Take a tour of the ancient city of Minos and learn more about the culture, architecture and history of ancient Greece.

• Learn about the life of an ancient Greek fisherman from a museum and see the fish he caught.

• Get a tour from the perspective of a medieval monk, and see how the life and teachings of the man shaped his life and his philosophy.

• Meet the monks of a monastery, and hear their stories of living a life of prayer and fasting.

• Become a part of the archaeological team at a museum or university, and help us learn more on how archaeologists have explored ancient sites and sites across Europe and the Middle East.

• Explore a city and meet the people that live there, and listen to their stories.

• Find out about an upcoming cultural event at a university, where you can get to know the people and their culture, and discover the stories behind the events that make up their culture.

• Discover an event that’s happening at a local business or institution, and meet with the people involved and see what they’re up to.

• Hear about a new event happening in your area, and join in on the fun with the students and faculty from your school.

How to get involved • There’s no need to register online to participate in our Eye-Group Campus Eye Groups.

Instead, we’ll contact you to let you know that your name and email address have been added to our Eye Groups list and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Your name and Email address will only be used for the purposes of the Eye-Groups.

It’s important to remember that if you’ve chosen to be on our Eye Group Campus Eye Lists, that you don’t need to contact the students in your school or the university directly.

We’ll only contact you via email if you have chosen to join the Eye Group.

To join the Campus Eye Group, please follow these steps: • Sign up for our Eye Lists service, which lets you: • Learn more about Eye Groups • Find other people to participate with • Learn what your name is on the list • Register for our Campus Eye Services, which gives you: A list of students who have been on the Eye Groups List • Information about the Eye List • The list of Eye Groups that are open to all students • The email address and phone number for each member of the Campus Ey Group, and how to find them • The time and place where the Eye Meeting will take place • When you will be at the meeting and how many students will be there You can also send us your own photos and information about you, so we can check whether they are the right person to be a member of our Eye Communities.

The University of Melbourne’s Campus Eye Communities are open for all students to join.

You can join at any time by contacting the Campus Community Team on 1300 624 665 or by emailing us at [email protected]

The Campus Eye Teams are led by students who share the same interests and values, and are able to meet to discuss a range, from what they like to do on campus to how they see their own experiences.

You’ll also find a list of events that will be taking place on campus in the future, as well as how to sign up to participate.

How do I join the campus eye groups?

• Sign in to the site, or log into your CampusEye account.

• Click the ‘My Campus’ button.

• Choose the account that you want to be part of.

• Follow the instructions provided by CampusEye to complete your registration.

• You can then access the Campus eye groups page from any browser.

• On the page, you can see all the Eye Communities that are available for students to choose from, or select a particular one and see which members of that group are available.

• At the top of the page you will see the members of your chosen CampusEye Eye Communities, as shown on the picture below.

• From the list of members, click the ‘Join’ button to start the Eye Community Meeting.

• Once the meeting is finished, you will receive an email from CampusEye informing you that your group has been added, and