Why you need to stay in the parkway on campus at Stanford

The Stanford University campus is the first to get a permanent bike lane, but there are a few other places where cars can still make it in and out of campus.

More: Stanford’s new bike lane will include a ‘red zone’ where you can pedal to get around cars.

On the right-hand side of campus, there are parking lots and lots of open spaces for students and the public.

The open space is the bike lane.

Here are a couple of other places to park on the left side of the campus.

The first is the intersection of Stanford and Alta avenues.

That’s where you might see the first signs of the new bicycle lane.

It’s also where you’ll see the bike parking signs.

The bike lane has a white stripe, but it doesn’t have a sign.

It’s just there.

The bike parking spots are right next to the green space that you can bike on for about a quarter-mile.

It’s really nice to be able to park a bike here.

And the next stop is on the right.

This is the same intersection where you’d see the sign on the bicycle lane that says, “Pedestrian and bicycle parking prohibited.”

This one is for pedestrians and bicyclists only.

There are a number of places where people are able to pedal their bikes through the new bike lanes, which is great.

If you have a bike and want to make it through a red zone, you’re going to have to do so at one of the bike spaces.

I like to have a safe, fun experience on campus.

It is a wonderful, beautiful campus.