West Virginia university’s Infinite Campus Scusd is about to get a $200,000 price tag

The West Virginia University has announced it will open a new campus at Infinite Campus, a high school located in Mount Pleasant, WV.

This will be the second school in West Virginia to be opened up by the university.

The first is in West Columbia.

Infinite Campus will house approximately 1,600 students in dorms, dorms for the summer, a library, and an office space.

The school has also announced that it will be open for summer enrollment on September 1.

It will be accessible via a three-level campus.

“West Virginia is a state that has been in the forefront of innovation and progress, and the university’s new campus is an important step forward for the state,” the university said in a press release.

“The new campus will provide more opportunities for students to pursue their studies, and provide more academic, cultural, and social opportunities to our students and community.”

Infinite Campus is located on the outskirts of Mount Pleasant.

It has been approved for use by the state and is slated to open in 2018.