How to stop campus rape hoaxes

UCF has been accused of perpetuating a hoax by posting on its Facebook page that an “infinite” campus rape has been prevented.

But the school’s campus police chief, John DeLong, has said he is not aware of any such allegation and said he does not know how the hoax happened.

A screenshot of a post from the UCF Police Department’s Facebook page shows the words “infinity campus” and “infiniteness” next to the word “rape.”

It was posted on the UCFS Facebook page on Tuesday, a day after a viral video emerged showing an unidentified woman being raped by a group of men who yelled “go home” as they attacked her in the campus recreation hall.

The university has since removed the post and has said that the women involved were expelled from the university.

The UCF police chief has also called for the “real victims” to come forward with their stories of being raped and that the university “needs to change its policies.”

“We need to have a conversation with the real victims of campus rape,” DeLong said on Wednesday.

“We need them to come out to us, and we need them and the rest of the UC community to come together and say we want an investigation, and the university needs to change policies.”

The University of California Police Department has also issued a statement saying it “is aware of an allegation” that a campus rape victim was assaulted in the recreation hall and that it is investigating the incident.

“We are in contact with the UCPD regarding this matter,” the statement said.

“The University cannot comment on the specific nature of the complaint.”

The incident prompted a Twitter uproar and criticism of the school.

The hashtag #ImNotAloneInUCF, which translates to “I’m not an alien,” quickly started trending on Twitter.