Why you should stop reading the student-run ‘campus newspaper’

By Lauren Rimmer, USA TODAY Staff WriterThe student-owned campus newspaper, The University of Missouri Student Union (UMSU), is one of the biggest campus news organizations in the country.

The paper, which is affiliated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, has been around since the 1960s and has been a major source of student-produced journalism.

The university has a long history of journalism, and the paper is part of that history.

The newspaper, which has more than 1,000 members, began in 1969 as a student-led effort to produce a campus newspaper.

Its founders, John Lassiter and Ed Farr, were interested in journalism and were frustrated with the lack of publications that were open to the student body.

So they decided to create their own.

In 1975, Lassit’s father, the late Fred Lassite, and his wife, Margaret Lassitt, formed The University at West Point, an organization for journalists.

That was a major step for Lassites father and his son.

By 1977, The U of W was one of several U.S. schools to join the National Association of College Journalists (NAJC) and become a member.

That meant that the student paper could be published on campus, as long as the school approved the plan.

The students, however, needed to obtain permission from the administration.

They also needed the backing of their local school to publish.

The decision to get a newspaper was a no-brainer for the Lassits.

“I always knew it was the right thing to do,” said Ed Lassitter.

“It’s not only good for the campus but it’s also a great thing for the students.”

Ed Lassesiter and his father in the 1970s.

(Photo courtesy of the Lassesit family) By the mid-1980s, the Lasesits were looking for a new outlet to publish their newspaper, and in 1988, they found the new group that was the backbone of the paper.

They hired a reporter named John L. Miller, who was born in Mississippi and raised in Kansas City, Mo.

Miller was a writer who loved journalism and he loved to write.

“There was no other newspaper, no other campus newspaper that had an editorial board and a circulation,” Lassitte said.

Lassity and Miller became lifelong friends.

The two men met in their college days at Columbia and shared stories and ideas.

By the time Lassitance was founded, The Lassesits had become the largest student newspaper on campus.

The U is a highly selective institution, and Lassitions parents encouraged him to write about the university.

In his first year, Lissitt started The U. With more than 400 members, The Tribune of the College of Journalism has covered a wide range of topics.

“The U has always been known as a community newspaper,” Lissit said.

“That’s why we always have the same writers, the same editors, and it’s always been the same people who are in the paper.”

The Tribune has covered news and sports, including a wide variety of topics including health and wellness, the arts, education, and more.

The Tribune’s coverage of sports has been consistent.

Lissity said that during football season, the paper covers the entire season, from kickoff to the end of the season.

It has been very successful and continues to be a reliable source of news for the community.

The school’s Student Government Association is the largest campus newspaper and has had a big influence on The Tribune.

The Student Government, which started in 1985, was the first student- run newspaper.

Since then, it has grown and grown and has attracted hundreds of thousands of students.

The University Student Government’s mission is to represent the student voice on campus and to provide the student community with the opportunity to have a voice in the student government process.

The campus newspaper has a wide audience of students and faculty, who read it regularly and discuss its coverage.

“Students want to be heard, and students want to have the right to be involved in the campus news, and The University Tribune has done that,” said U of M Student Government President Mary Ann Lassitu.

“We have had many requests for information from students who are interested in The Tribune.”

In addition to its student paper, The Student News has covered local, national and international news, including health, politics, and business.

The student newspaper is the source for many news items on campus including the school’s daily newspapers, the Student News, and a daily feature on The Daily Gazette.

The main campus newspaper is also a source of information on the student union.

The first student union election in 1990 was held in the office of student government president, and since then, the U has been an active member of the Student Union.

“All of our students deserve a voice and a voice is what The Tribune is about,” Lassesitt said.