How to get a $100,000 loan on Clemson’s campus

The Clemson campus, where Clemson University and the University of South Carolina are based, has been hit hard by a devastating tornado and flooding, but its students are hoping to be the first to borrow the money.

Clemson has been trying to get people to apply for loan forgiveness through a program called Campus LOAN.

They are looking for applicants who can afford the $100K.

The loan forgiveness program, which was created in 2015 and was initially meant to be available to those who can’t pay, has since expanded to cover other students and other eligible groups.

To get the $99,999 loan, you’ll need to prove that you have $100 in the bank, have a minimum income, have two to three years of income, and have a net worth of $200,000 or less.

There’s a limit of five applications per person.

To qualify for the loan, applicants must be at least 21 years old.

The cost of the loan will be $99.999 per month.

Clemsons campus has been in a state of emergency since February after a powerful tornado ripped through the campus in South Carolina.

The campus is currently under a mandatory evacuation order due to the tornado, but the students are still able to attend classes.

The Clemson Student Loan Program is available for people with limited financial resources.

Here’s how to apply:The program, created in March 2016, was created to provide free loans to Clemson students with no income, but no income or assets.

The first class of applicants to qualify will be mailed out in August.

The application period closes on February 23, 2020.

To get started, you can go to Clemson’s website and log in with your college email, or call the campus hotline at 713-974-4800.

To apply for a loan, call the Clemson Student Loans Line at 714-742-3200.

You can also find information on how to obtain an account with the College Savings Program, which is also available.