How to get around Purdue’s campus map

The Purdue University campus map is pretty straightforward, and that includes the parking lots and other areas of the Purdue campus.

The Purdue map, as it is known, shows the university’s four major campuses.

The campus map itself doesn’t show much of a geographic overview of the area, which is where a number of features come in.

It does show a map of the main campus, which includes the Purdue Medical Center, the Purdue University Art Museum, the IU Bloomington campus, and other campus buildings.

You can see the Purdue Map website for a more detailed view.

But if you just want to know where to go, the map shows all of Purdue’s major campus buildings, including the Purdue Art Museum.

That makes it easy to see the locations of many campus attractions, including Purdue’s famous Art Museum and other museums, as well as the University of Indianapolis.

Purdue has an online map of all of the major campus areas, as does the Purdue Department of Transportation.

That map also shows all the Purdue students’ parking lots, which you can click to find the address of the lot nearest you.

And, as you can see in the Purdue map below, the site includes directions to each of the four major campus locations.

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