How to save money in UF’s campus apartments

By L.C. Khare  This article is sponsored by the American Association of University Professors.

It was first published by  The Hindu and has been republished with permission.

The article below is a reprint of an article published by The Hindu on November 10, 2017. L.

C Khare (Photo: Courtesy of American Association for University Professions) LUCAS, FL – NOVEMBER 10: Students from the University of Florida’s College of Engineering take a break from work in front of a large projector screen during a protest march to protest against the hiring of an Indian-American engineer, in front the US Embassy in the capital Largo, Florida on November.

Students, faculty and alumni have been protesting the hiring by US Vice President Mike Pence of an engineering professor from Indian origin.

(Photo by Mark Ralston/Getty Images)LUCASHOLA, NY – NO VAN SUSTEREN: Students of the University at Buffalo’s College for Architecture march during the “Resign or Go Home” day, November 7, 2017 in Syracuse, New York.

(Photo by Jonathan Newton/Getty Press)RICHMOND, VA – NOVEEMBER 06: Students and faculty protest the appointment of a Indian- American engineer to head the engineering department at the University College of Virginia (UCV) on campus on November 6, 2017, in Richmond, Virginia.

(credit: Mark Wilson/Getty News)LIVERPOOL, Ontario – NOON: Students hold placards during a ‘Day of Action’ against Indian-Americans hired by US President Donald Trump’s administration in London on November 8, 2017 (credit:-AP Photo/Paul Turner)BELLEVUE, WA – NOVDEMBER 09: Students protest outside of the US Consulate in Bellevue, Washington, on November 9, 2017 as part of the “Day of Actions Against the Indian- Americans in the United States”.

(credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Image)LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVIEMBER 07: Students take part in a rally to protest the hiring in the engineering and technical departments of an Asian-American woman as the new vice president of the United State University of New York, in central London on Friday, November 07, 2017.(credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty)LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVA FEBRUARY 02: Students demonstrate against the appointment in the science and technology faculties of an African-American male to head NASA as the head of the space agency’s human spaceflight programme at the Los Angeles International Airport on February 2, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

(credit – Aaron P