Cornell University to launch $300,000 ‘virtual internship’ in 2019

TechCrunch – Cornell is launching a virtual internship program in 2019, according to a release.

The program, which is called “Coral Insight,” will give students the opportunity to spend a day in Cornell’s campus and participate in the Cornell Business Institute’s virtual internship course.

The Cornell College of Business is hosting the program in conjunction with the Corneys Entrepreneurship Institute. 

Cornell is offering an internship for up to four months in 2019 with the option to extend it for a maximum of six months.

The students will work on projects with Cornell, including a “virtual internship” with Corneyns students, according the release. 

The Cornell virtual internship will last for 90 days, with the participants learning a variety of skills, including leadership, networking, and project management. 

“This will be the largest internship program for Cornell students in recent history and it will be an amazing opportunity for us to connect with our students in a way that they never have before,” Cornell president and CEO Michael Cornell said in the release, which was shared on Cornells website. 

With the virtual internship, students will learn from top-notch mentors and be part of a team that is working on projects that Cornell and Cornell business institute are developing. 

 “Our virtual internship students will have the opportunity for a learning experience that will provide them with the skills they need to succeed as professional employees,” Corneffs president and chief operating officer Mark Cornell Jr. said in a statement. 

Students who register will also receive a certificate of completion. 

While Cornell has been working on its virtual internship curriculum, Cornell CEO and founder Michael Cornell Jr. has been spearheading the Corning’s effort to expand the Cornel College of Entrepreneurs. 

Last year, Cornecks president and founder, Michael Corgan, announced the expansion of the Coronado College of Corporate Leadership, with more than 200 new positions, including 15 positions in the education sector. 

After a successful two-year period, Corgan said the Cornys goal is to create 150,000 full-time jobs in 2019. 

Since launching the Corntes Virtual Internship program, Cornings has been able to recruit more than 4,000 students, which includes some who are in the process of completing their degrees.