Wisconsin college graduates ‘wonderful people’ who will ‘take our country back’

WASHINGTON — Students at a Wisconsin college will have to wait a year to graduate if they want to attend the country’s highest-ranked university, the Associated Press reported Friday.

The Wisconsin College of Law said its law school would have to open classes to the public in May 2020 to graduate all of its graduates.

Law school graduates are required to take a mandatory class in law for two years, though students can choose to take one of three other options.

A year of classes will be enough for some students, the AP reported.

The university said it would waive some classes to let students finish their classes without being required to attend a mandatory law class.

The AP’s report does not specify how many law school graduates it expects to have left the law school in 2020.

The AP’s sources said it did not specify whether the university’s law school was still on track to meet that deadline.

Wisconsin has one of the highest tuition and fees in the country, making law school tuition the nation’s highest.

The average law school student is expected to pay $40,000 a year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.