Students have been using an infinite campus student portal to report issues with the university

Students are using an Infinite Campus Student Portal to report online harassment and bullying.The portal was launched on the university’s campus in the West Coast capital, Melbourne, last week.The website allows users to anonymously report problems with a particular student, with the option to share the report directly with the victim.The site has since been […]

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How to get an undergraduate degree at CCS West

CCS Western’s new undergraduate degree programme will not only allow students to study the arts at the top of the academic ladder but also provide a path for those with an interest in social and political movements.The university said in a statement on Tuesday that it had “made a significant investment” in undergraduate programmes to […]

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What’s the big deal about ‘cannabis legalization’ in the US?

By Emily Hagan-Schreiber, The Canadian PressJanuary 28, 2019 5:15:04A few years ago, Canada was the most-favoured country in the world for cannabis legalization.Now, there’s a big gap.And the gap is big.A new poll finds a large majority of Canadians support legalizing cannabis, but most Canadians don’t know what it means.The poll by Ipsos Reid suggests […]

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How much will college costs cost in Boston?

Cost estimates are coming in for students on the Boston University campus.In a new report, the school says that it expects its full-time students to pay $17,100 for their college tuition, room and board, books, transportation, and books and supplies.For a bachelor’s degree, it’s $23,700.Students in the program can also expect to pay for room […]

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