When is a campus ‘safe’ for LGBTQ students?

A few days ago, I was on my way to a campus for a visit when a large crowd of young people gathered in front of the university’s student union to protest the decision to exclude trans students from a section of campus, in a move that was met with a loud and unhelpful response […]

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What do the biggest schools have in common?

The universities of Cape Town and Cape Town are on the same page about the biggest things they have in the way of facilities.“We’re on the exact same page,” said the head of the city’s university, Dr. Pieter Meeus.“It’s not just about where the buildings are, but what they’re designed to do and how they’re […]

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How to access the new CTA campus in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area

By John L. BurszkaThe latest tech news and the latest tech trends to know in the CTA communityPosted November 11, 2018 10:57AMCitiCares is expanding its network of community-based care centers, offering free transportation and services for low-income seniors and disabled adults to help them make the transition from nursing homes to the workforce.The nonprofit’s $3.2 […]

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