Which Nike Campus is Right for You?

We recently shared our Top 10 college campuses that are the best for millennials and that will be the ideal spot to get into your first jobs as a college student.Now, we’re going to share our Top Ten college campuses for workers that are looking for more opportunities.Here are the 10 top employers for workers […]

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When the internet turns into a giant internet cafe

Upenn University students and alumni will gather to discuss the future of the campus, as part of a series on the infinite campus of Infinite Campus.The series, which will begin this fall, will highlight various topics and events that are currently happening at the university.The event will be hosted by Upenn alumni, faculty and staff, […]

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How to stop campus rape hoaxes

UCF has been accused of perpetuating a hoax by posting on its Facebook page that an “infinite” campus rape has been prevented.But the school’s campus police chief, John DeLong, has said he is not aware of any such allegation and said he does not know how the hoax happened.A screenshot of a post from the […]

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How a university that once was known as a bastion of progressive thought has turned into a cult

Posted November 14, 2018 08:33:10 A university that was once a bastions of progressive thinking has turned to cult-like behaviour in response to sexual misconduct allegations, with many students now refusing to attend lectures or lectures on topics including sexual harassment and gender diversity.Key points:The Australian University of Technology has become known as the “Cult […]

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The College of Engineering at GWEN campus is up for sale for $5M

GWEN, Va.— The College of Engineers at GWENN is up on the market for $4.5 million, and the price tag could be more, according to an investor who has been talking to prospective buyers. “We have a really strong interest in this campus,” Barry Drouet, who owns the GWEN and Gwenn properties, told Axios.“It’s the only one […]

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