Which university is the hottest college town?

The most recent iteration of the popular university rankings, which use data from a company called CampusXpress, had a few surprises to offer.The latest data, from January, ranked five new colleges in a top-100 list that was made up of five national rankings.Here’s what you need to know about the top universities in your town.

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Which university in Ireland is the best?

As a university student, you might want to spend a bit of time in the halls of residence or the library to find out which one has the best campus life and the best student support services.And of course, you could visit the university’s main campus in Dublin, but what if you want to go […]

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Why are there so many students with AP exams on campus?

Posted September 02, 2019 16:17:51 The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, which has a campus in Hawaii, is offering free AP tests to students who live and work on campus.The test is part of the University’s campus wellness program, which aims to help students stay healthy and keep them active.Students will be able to take […]

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What do the biggest schools have in common?

The universities of Cape Town and Cape Town are on the same page about the biggest things they have in the way of facilities.“We’re on the exact same page,” said the head of the city’s university, Dr. Pieter Meeus.“It’s not just about where the buildings are, but what they’re designed to do and how they’re […]

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How a conservative group is attempting to infiltrate UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is home to more than 50,000 students and professors, but its conservative leanings are often overlooked by many.Last week, the conservative campus group Campus Reform reported receiving $5,000 from a 501(c)(3) called The Claremont Institute, which is run by conservative activist George Soros.The Claremor Institute’s founder, Matthew Heimbach, told Campus […]

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